Sylver Company

Restaurant Accounting Services

We have over 60 years experience servicing the restaurant and retail food service industry, and our clientele range from corporate owned fine dining establishments to owner operated delis.

Operating a successful restaurant can be an overwhelming mountain of forms and notices. An accounting firm with the experience to handle these situations can save you time, so that you can focus on running your business.

There are many accounting issues that are unique to restaurants. Whether it is a question about tip reporting, food and liquor costs or a sales tax audit, we can help. An accountant who understands the restaurant industry can help you increase your bottom line!

At Silver & Company, we are more than just accountants. We offer a range of services from consultanting to advising on many issues in the food service industry. We are active members of the New York State, New Jersey and Connecticut Restaurant Associations.  We constantly seek to educate ourselves and keep up with all current issues affecting the industry.

Commonly Asked Questions:

How should we handle reporting of employee tips?

What should our food and liquor costs be and are we calculating them correctly?

Audits: Sales, Payroll, Dept. of Labor, Insurance, IRS. What are the risks?

To what extent are we personally liable for the above audits?

What are the tax aspects of the purchase of our business?

Are we judgment proof?

How do we protect ourselves?

The answers to these questions are unique to each business situation. We welcome the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have. The proper accounting and advisory services can make a significant difference on your bottom line.